Lonar and the Gem of C’Vard

Book 1 of the Dabrilas Series


Published January 2016

For more than a century the Gragin have been battling dragons to protect the kingdom of Zulbarg. Until two members of opposing sides get stuck together long enough to compare notes.

Meanwhile, a man and his daughter are trying desperately to keep their “gift” a secret from the world. One day, a young man approaches them for help, already knowing their secret. He has one of his own and it is the reason his own people are hunting him.

A time sliding scatterbrained old man does his best to bring the unlikely group together to help save the people of Zulbarg; but not from the dragons. Their real enemy is much more powerful and much more sinister.

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Larsynth and Pazdormir

Book 2 of the Dabrilas Series


Published September 2016

A few weeks after the events of Lonar and the Gem of C’Vard the members of the party are dealing with the loss in their own way.

A young woman is searching for the Heroes of Freewill to ask their help in freeing her wife and their people from the KnightMares. Is the group willing to take up this new mantle?

What part will the two Franeglian who are tracking Slagradislaun play in all of this?

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